Money In, Money Out: Personal Finance for Freelance Translators

Running a freelance translation operation involves managing money, a daunting prospect for many of us. In this four-part presentation, a longtime freelancer and personal finance buff shares his methods and strategies for tracking (1) business and personal spending, (2) income and translation performance, and (3) tax obligations, and adds a word on (4) saving and investing. Whether you have...

On launching an independent literary translation zine

This presentation will be in Japanese. 2021年、若手翻訳者4人が集まって翻訳同人誌「LETTERS UNBOUND」を立ちあげました。翻訳同人誌のマーケット、課題、展望についてお話しします。また、著者との交渉から校正・組版まで、創刊号(2022年9月刊行)の制作の裏側をご紹介します。セッション後には、創刊号の販売もおこなう予定です。 (Moderator: Chiaki Yano)

An introduction to tools to automate translation checking and tweak MT to speed up the translation process

This presentation will be in...


Legal Interpreting during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This presentation will be in Japanese. コロナ禍において、通訳者の仕事に対してどのうな影響があったのか、いくつかの業界団体が行ったアンケート調査の集計結果があるが、特定分野の通訳業務に特化したものはない。本発表に当たって、司法/訴訟通訳分野(デポジションや、日米英豪法の手続きを含む)に絞り、遠隔通訳がどの期間で行われたか(いつから対面の審査に移行したか)、用いられたシステム(変遷があった場合その例)を報告したいと考える。

J to E Pharma Translation Workshop by JATPHARMA

Whether you're new to pharma translation, know your pharmacokinetics from your pharmacodynamics, or even have a doctorate in a related field, expect to be challenged by some or all of the many exercises we'll do in this pharma translation workshop. We'll cover unfamiliar terminology, words and phrases that defy translation, strategies for parsing looooooooooong sentences, and search techniques....

One Project, Many CAT Tools

CAT (Computer Aided Translation) Tools remain one of the most useful tools that any translator can use. However, getting started with using them can be daunting to beginners, or even casual users who remain skeptical about using them in most, if not all, of their projects. This session aims to show multiple tools being used to translate the same project. The tools to be demonstrated are MemoQ,...

Career Development While Also Child-rearing -- Cultivating Joy and Creativity

This session will be in Japanese. 子どもとの生活は楽しいが忙しい。そのなかでどうやってキャリアを伸ばしていけるのか。3歳児、6歳児の育児をこなしながら1年に4冊のペースで書籍を訳し、映画関連の翻訳にも携わってきた吉田育未さん。英日翻訳者兼翻訳講師としての忙しい毎日を送りながら育児にもフルコミットする「翻訳ジャーニー」こと五野上良さん。このお二人に、忙しい子育て時期でこそ編み出せてきた仕事や生活での工夫、フリーランスならではの子育ての楽しみ方についてパネルディスカッション形式で、フリーランス8年目の中澤甘菜が尋ねていきます。 (Moderator: Kanna Nakazawa) 

The Story of Shonen to Inu’s Journey into English

When Seishu Hase won a Naoki Prize in July 2020 for Shonen to Inu, my interest was immediately piqued. Once I had read it I knew I wanted the job of translating it into English. That ambition came to fruition this year when The Boy And The Dog was released from Simon & Schuster on October 27 and Viking Press on November 15. In this session I will talk about how I came to translate the book,...

Tips and Tricks for Living a Safer, More Confident Digital Life

The pandemic accelerated the shift to online for both the professional and personal sides of our lives. Join me as we delve into the risks and threats that our increasingly digital lives expose us too, and learn the simple steps we can take to protect our data and identity. This session is designed to inform, educate and empower you, with tips and takeaways to help protect you when online.


A Translator’s Guide To Less Effort And More Impact

If you’re like many translators, you work hard to improve your translation quality and speed. You’re often up against tight deadlines. You may feel squeezed by “commoditization” even in your field of specialization. And you know you should always be marketing, but you just don’t seem to have the time or motivation. Facing these and other pressures, you can end up putting in a LOT of effort...


J-E Workshop: Passages

Taking a look a some famously difficult passages from modern Japanese literature, some of which have been cut from the official English translation or have been condensed and simplified. We’ll consider some alternatives, and the basis of the translator’s decision-making process.

The Lazy Translator’s Guide to Word Styles

Neatness counts, even if you can’t charge for it. This session examines styles as a tool to make your Microsoft Word documents look neat, crisp and professional without spending a lot of time at it and without reinventing the wheel each translation. After learning what styles are and how to create and manipulate them, we will try to demystify autonumbering and bullets, and then discuss how...