Jay Judge

Jay Judge

Judge has been a resident of Japan for thirty years, and as a self-taught translator has been translating Japanese into English for twenty-five years. A comp-lit major with a scientific background, he fell into the patent business soon after arriving in Japan, and eventually began working in a Japanese patent law firm, primarily as an "English checker." That experience scared him into becoming a U.S. patent agent and eventually starting his own practice in Osaka, which he's been running for over twenty years. Judge is interested in translation of all kinds, not just the excruciatingly tedious patent-specification kind that he makes part of his living from.


One J-E Translator's Jamais Vu Experiences in Translation

Confronting Japanese as a learner and especially as a translator has continually compelled me to come to terms with the grammar not only of Japanese, but of my native English also. This has sometimes given me "reverse déjà vu" experiences where a many-times seen aspect of either language suddenly seems unfamiliar, never seen (jamais vu). My talk will take a comparative look at some...