Junya Nitta

Junya Nitta

Junya Nitta graduated with a degree in environmental engineering from Osaka University and studied for a Masters in civil and environmental engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.

Following a five-year career as an engineer and six years working as a translator at a patent firm, he set up his own company, NIT Inc., in 2011. He develops tools for a wide range of clients, including translation agencies, manual creation companies and patent firms. He gives seminars on how to customize Word and how to use and write Word macros to companies and translators. He also blogs about how to use Word from his own perspective, including how to customize Word to automate repetitive tasks.

More recently he has been involved in developing neural machine translation support tools and assisting companies developing machine translation based services. He has been selected as a Microsoft MVP, in the Word and Development categories, every year since 2011. His tools include "Iro de Check," a Word-based translation checking tool, and "GreenT," a neural machine translation support tool. Blog "Word Macro for Everyone" (http://www.wordvbalab.com)


An introduction to tools to automate translation checking and tweak MT to speed up the translation process

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