Taniguchi vs. Kan Pacific and the Art of Legal Translation

In 2012 the US Supreme Court decided whether translation meant the same as interpreting for purposes of fee-shifting awards. By an interesting coincidence, Doshisha University Law Professor Colin P.A. Jones was the translator whose fees were at issue in the case. He was thus able to participate in a US Supreme Court case in an interesting capacity. Having been involved in the case from the initial trial, he is also able to explain what was really going on from the standpoint of a comparative law scholar. 

Professor Jones will give a brief overview of how an obscure slip-and-fall case from an insular court managed to get to the US Supreme Court. He will also offer some observations on legal translation based on over two decades of practice both as a translator and as an attorney.

Profile: Colin Jones

Colin P.A. Jones is a lawyer and professor of law at Doshisha Law School in Kyoto. He began translating professionally as a graduate student at Tohoku University and since 2003 has operated, a boutique translation service specializing in Japanese to English legal translation. As both a lawyer and a translator he has worked with a huge variety of legal documents in both Japanese and English. He has written four books in Japanese, all with major publishers and also has a monthly column in the Japan Times.