Workshop: J-E Pharma Review Reports Presentation in Japanese and English

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare issues a review report for each drug it approves. Review reports specify the characteristics of the drug in question, describe the studies conducted during the development process, and document the questions that the pharmaceutical company addressed during the review process. The wording of review reports is notoriously complex and challenging to translate.  Rie Moriguchi and Ben Tompkins will show attendees how these documents are organized and present translation strategies before leading a workshop in which attendees will attempt to translate actual passages from review reports. 


Profile: Ben Tompkins

Ben Tompkins lives in beautiful Fukuoka, Japan, where he began translating professionally in 1994. Ben specializes in pharmaceutical and biomedical translation. He owns Tompkins Biomedical Communications, a provider of translation and other language services to pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and universities. Ben serves as Vice President of the Japan Association of Translators (JAT) and has helped organize three IJET conferences in and outside Japan. He can be reached at


Profile: Rie Moriguchi 

Rie Moriguchi graduated from Kyoto Pharmaceutical University in 1987, and started her own medical/pharmaceutical translation business in 1992 as R&A Medical Translation Service. She has over twenty years of experience specializing in the translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents. In addition to her translation work, Moriguchi is active as a medical translation educator and author. She has written textbooks on medical translation for correspondence courses and published books for medical English learners, and is a popular speaker on medical translation topics. She is based in the Kansai area.