Compare and Contrast: Written, Poster and Oral Presentations

Gain a better grasp of how to tailor translations to meet the needs of different types of presentations through hands-on exercises. Information and findings in research are disseminated to the community via three basic forms of presentation: written presentation (WP), poster presentation (PP) and oral/virtual presentation (OP). All three versions share the same goal, but require different input from translators. Learn about the differences and how you can tailor your translations to best fit the parameters and intended use of manuscripts for each.


プロフィール:Dr. Anthony Foong

Dept of English for Pharmaceutical Science Communication (EPSC), Kyoto Pharmaceutical University

Dr. FW Foong was born in Malaysia and first came to Japan on a Mombusho scholarship in 1973. After graduating from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, he went on to major in Pharmacy at Kyoto University, receiving his PhD in 1983 and specializing in neuro-pharmacology. After post-doctoral research in various institutions including the John Curtin School of Medical Research (Australia), he has been in academia teaching pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Malaya, and Science English at Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan, and Doshisha Women’s College.
He was also a pharmacologist in R&D at Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for several years before dedicating himself to teaching. Having noted the sad lack of a science/pharma-specific educational program for students at schools of pharmacy in Japan, he developed a unique teaching program that he has instituted at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, where he is currently a full professor. He is also the author of many textbooks that are currently used in many schools of pharmacy in Kansai.