Workshop: J-E Patent Translation

Check your own translation against a reference translation. Workshop led by moderators TBA.

This will be a moderated discussion of translation issues participants find with the published patent documents listed below. Bring your own translation, or simply come prepared with your own questions about the published J and E versions. Neither document is excessively technical. Both present interesting translation questions. We will start at the top and proceed through the claims, allowing participants to compare their own translation with the reference and question both. Is either better? Preferred? How do others handle the same problem? Come prepared with questions for best results.

(1) 特開2008-198028 (US 9112701) (particularly paragraphs 2-6, 39-43,
48-49 & 60, but discussion is not so limited)

(2) 特開2011-10840 (US2012/0078212A1)