Not Getting Lost in Translation

Diane will explain the basics of Rakugo and talk about the challenges of adapting Japanese stories for English-speaking audiences. How can the authenticity of the story be maintained? What are some of the problems that arise when translating humour? What process does she use for developing stories so that the humour is not lost in translation? What are some of the main points that need to be considered when performing for a mixed audience of children, adults, elderly folk, people with disabilities or non-native English speakers? Diane will share her experiences in overcoming these hurdles without compromising the humour.



また、これまでの日本と海外の文化の懸け橋となる国際的な活動が高く評価され、2013年6月に公益財団法人世界平和研究所において第9回中曽根康弘賞 奨励賞を受賞。