Editing as Discipline

What are your burning questions about editing? With the Professional Editorial Standards ((PES) document as our guide, we'll review what an editor does mainly on the short-job basis, especially regarding substantive changes, style and rhetorical questions, and copyediting decisions, and consider questions from participants specific to their own work.
Prospective participants of this workshop are encouraged to download and read the PES document before the event and send in a short text (100 to 200 words) offering various editorial problems for us to consider and discuss during the 90-minute workshop.
Please send to lynneeriggs[at]gmail.com, as much as possible by September 26th but no later than October 1. (Please anonymize the material so that it can be shared.)
Other recommended background reading:

Editing in Japan: Three Perspectives
Academic Editing in the Humanities
Translation and Editing

プロフィール: Lynne Riggs

Lynne E. Riggs is a professional translator and editor based in Tokyo. With Takechi Manabu, she translates and edits mainly nonfiction books, art catalogs, periodicals, and miscellaneous pieces through their company, the Center for Intercultural Communication. Major works for which she is translator and editor can be found listed at http://www.cichonyaku.com/translations.html. She served as managing editor of Monumenta Nipponica 1997 to 2009. She has taught Japanese-to-English translation at International Christian University since 2000. A founding member of the Society of Writers, Editors, and Translators, she worked with senior editors from the No. 1 through 103 issues of the SWET Newsletter (1980–2004) and from 2004 to 2012 served as coordinating editor; she continues to write and edit SWET online and print publications since the launching of the current SWET website.